PinPounder™: Pin Removal for HP-4000. Patent #6,118,959.


[Image: PinPounder™: Pin Removal for HP-4000.  Patent #6,118,959.]

      PinPounder™: Pin Removal for HP-4000. Patent #6,118,959. Removes both pins in the HP-4000 in 2 seconds. You must learn the technique in order to do this.

     Before using the PinPounder to remove pins it is recommended that you first practice in a way where you can see the inside of the toner cartridge while you are practicing. This can best be accomplished by practicing on a solo waste toner hopper. You can place pins in it while you practice. This way you can see what works for yourself because in actual use, you do not have to remove the photoreceptor. But before you do it this way you must first practice with it already disassembled so that you can see the interaction between the PinPounder and the toner cartridge geometrically so that you can understand what goes on inside when you can not see it. 

     To use, simply place the PinPounder in the laser light slot as shown in the photo. To make it work properly, you want to position the PinPounder into the crevice of the metal frame angle- iron portion of the wiper blade. Before you slide the PinPounder from end to end to pound out the pins, get the feeling of what is going on. The PinPounder must at all times be in this wiper blade frame's crevice or else you will not hit the right place. In order to keep the PinPounder in the correct position, always keep pressure on the handle of the PinPounder. Keep this presure on the PinPounder in a direction perpendicular to the angle-iron. In the event that the PinPounder is not in this groove, you can feel it with your hand as you keep pressure on. Then, while maintaining this pressure, simply slide the PinPounder along the length of the toner cartridge, i.e. along the length of the angle-iron frame. Go back and forth as in the photo. 

     If you do the above, you may remove both pins in under 2 seconds. Mr. UserFriendly finds that the best way to operate the PinPounder is to keep the toner cartridge horizontal, not vertical. The picture shows it vertically so that you can see it better. It works the same at each end. 

     Then after you become proficient at hitting the correct pounding location 100% of the time, you are then ready to try it in a toner cartridge with the drum in it where you can not see inside. Instead of seeing inside, your hands can feel if it is in the correct position.

     Caution: DO NOT DROP THE PINPOUNDER. Treat the PinPounder carefully as dropping it on the ground will bend the position of the permanent pins built-into the PinPounder. In the event that you drop the PinPounder and you need to reposition the PinPounder's pins, LaserLand will do this procedure for a fee of $10. So, be careful. Please note that the pins may not look straight when you receive your PinPounder. This is OK because each pin had to be set by trial and error until it works every time in the toner cartridge. So, do not worry if they do not "look straight". The only concern is that it works consistently. Happy PinPounding. Now you can save two minutes for every HP-4000 toner cartridge.

     Please note that you may use our 4000-Pin™ when you reassemble the toner cartridge. The 4000-Pin has a recessed head or a double-head so that it removes quickly, can not be pushed in too far and sticks out a little. Thus, with it sticking out a little, the pin may be simply removed with a needle nose pliers quickly and also, you avoid scratching the toner cartridge case in therermoval process. A scratched toner cartridge case degrades the value of your remanufactured toner cartridge.

     So, use the PinPounder the first time and then buy our 4000-Pins thereafter.

PinPounder™: Pin Removal for HP-4000. Patent #6,118,959.




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PinPounder for Removal of Pins on HP-4000

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