[Image: DeoxCream™]

DeoxCream™ is a special product developed by Materials Engineer Steven B Michlin for removing oxidation from your photoreceptor drums. DeoxCream works. It does the job right. WIth DeoxCream™, you won't have to send your drums out for recoating and it can save you money on new drums. Even if you use new drums, you still want to use DeoxCream after each cycle both for cleaning and to enhance the optical qualities of the photoreceptors.

How to Use DeoxCream™

1. Squirt some DeoxCream™ onto the photoreceptor drum.

2. Wipe the ceram in with a soft cotton pad.

3. Wait a few minutes.

4. Shine down with a fresh cotton pad.

5. Place Methuselah™ Powder onto the drum.

6. Wipe the Methuselah powder down

7. Install photoreceptor into toner cartridge.

    The fact that DeoxCream™ sells so well is a sign of how well it performs. 




DeoxCream(TM) 15.00

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