PCRConnection™: Patent #5,367,364

[Image: PCRConnection™: Patent #5,367,364]

  PCRConnection™: Patent #5,367,364 Other patents pending.

When you have poor charging, the PCRConnectino helps solve your problems. It helps prevent ghosting. It enhances the image quality. The PCR deposits an electrical charge on the photoreceptor drum. The OEM uses conductive plastic saddles to transmit electricity to the PCR's metal shaft. The conductive plastic saddles lose conductivity in time, thus reducing the amount of charge to the drum. With PCRConnection, you transmit the electricity directly to the PCR metal shaft and thus bypass the saddle. Thus you now have a metal-to-metal electrical contact that uses no conductive plastic.

PCRConnection™: Patent #5,367,364





NX (3Si/4Si) 100 pair 50.00
PX PCRConnection 100 pieces 35.00
_LX PCRConnection 100 pair 50.00
HAIRPIN PCRConnection 100 pair 50.00
DOUBLE-CONTACT-L PCRConnection 100 pieces 35.00
UNICORN PCRConnection 100 pair 50.00
DOUBLE-CONTACT-S PCRConnection 100 pieces 50.00

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