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Welcome. In this section of our WebSite, you may order products. We hope that you may easily order products that you desire. If you have any feedback, please send an email to mruserfriendly@comcast.net. Please note that the website does not calculate freight charges and handling. After you place your order, an email will automatically be generated sending your order to LaserLand USA. That is where the freight is calculated. 

Minimum shipping and handling is $5.00. If the cost exceeds $5.00, the amount will be automatically calculated at LaserLand's facility and either the shipment will ship to you or you will receive a fax for approval, especially on international orders. The minimum order size is $50 from the USA and $100 from outside the USA. Thank you for checking into products by LaserLand USA. 

Please note that LaserLand manufactures most products in-house, unlike many companies who act as middlemen and sell you what they have on the shelf. As a result, we can help you by designing a product with different dimensions as you desire. For example, we can mass produce any seal or recovery blade in 7 days for a seal and 10 days for a recovery blade. So, when new cartridges are released, keep us in mind.

Legal Notice and Terms of Website Use: LaserLand reserves the right to not ship (and/or not charge) any customer-candidate as it so desires. This web site does not process orders but instead assembles information for a proposed order to be finalized in Michigan. Any sale is not finalized until LaserLand accepts money for the transaction of which only LaserLand has permission to accept or reject, only from the state of Michigan. Thus, LaserLand reserves the right not to accept money for a proposed order and thereby such a transaction of such a proposed order is not complete. Anyone making a proposed order on this web site agrees with the above and also that any and all legal disputes that might arise from this web site, proposed order or a finalized order are to be heard in the nearest venue to Oakland County, Michigan, USA. All decisions as to whether to ship, accept payment from a customer-candidate or complete a proposed order are done in the state of Michigan, USA and all sales are finalized in the state of Michigan. By advancing to the next web page, all web visitors agree to all the above. If you do not agree with the terms outlined above you are using this web site without authorization and do not have permission to continue further in this web site. Furthermore, if you do not use components for toner cartridge remanufacturing, or you wish to purchase LaserLand products for any purpose other than actual use in a toner cartridge for toner cartridge remanufacturing you are not authorized to go beyond this page in the LaserLand web site.

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